PDF-4+/Web Conversion Pricing - PDF-2 2019 to PDF-4+/Web 2022 - Academic

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Product Overview

Academic Pricing Policy:
An academic price is awarded to degree-granting (Assoc., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) institutions and organizations that provide resources for student’s course work that are affiliated with the degree-granting institution. Institutions may be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility.

PDF-4+/Web 2022

Data on the Go

PDF-4+/Web provides portability to the PDF-4+ database via the internet. It enables access to the entire suite of programs and data files, so that it is equivalent to PDF-4+ 2022.

Key Points:

  • PDF-4+ database via the Internet
  • Access to the entire suite of PDF-4+ programs and data files
  • Can be used on any computer that meets the specifications
  • Requires access to a high-speed internet connection - Delivered as a USB compatible dongle
  • Installation and renewals are handled via the internet
  • One (1) year license serviced by subscription

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