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Product Overview

Academic Pricing Policy:
An academic price is awarded to degree-granting (Assoc., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) institutions and organizations that provide resources for student’s course work that are affiliated with the degree-granting institution. Institutions may be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility.

PDF-4/Organics 2022

Solve Difficult Problems, Get Better Results

PDF-4/Organics database is a highly targeted collection, with special focus on materials used in commercial and regulatory fields. It provides the best of both worlds by including single crystal and powder diffraction data together in a single, edited, and standardized database.

  • Collection includes pharmaceuticals, excipients, and polymers
  • Features 560,100+ entries and 156,100+ entries with atomic coordinates
  • Integrated data mining software
  • SIeve+ search-indexing software included as an added value
  • Combines crystalline, semi-crystalline, and amorphous solid-state materials
  • Combines powder and single crystal data
  • Highly targeted collection with special focus on materials used in commercial and regulatory fields
  • Enhanced identification for crystalline, nano, and amorphous materials
  • One (1) year license serviced by subscription

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