Advances in X-ray Analysis CD-ROM - Proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conference - Volumes 1-39

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Product Overview

The Proceedings of the Denver X-ray Conference have been captured on CD in the volumes of Advances in X-ray Analysis. Over 60 years of history and experience are included in the articles from experts in the fields of X-ray analysis. Each volume contains that year’s full proceedings plus a cumulative searchable author and subject index from each Denver X-ray Conference proceedings since 1957. A cumulative volume, Volumes 1–39, features page images of all the manuscripts from the Denver X-ray Conference from 1957–1995. Individual volumes (40-63) are available on CD for each of the Proceedings from 1996 to 2019. The 2020 volume (64) will be available in Summer 2021. Note: Individual papers from Volumes 40–59 are available for free download on our website: 

The CD is accessible in the Windows®, UNIX®/Linux® and Macintosh® environments. Hyperlinks to the Adobe® website are provided in the setup file should you need to install the free Adobe® Reader software.