PDF-4/Axiom 2020 - New - Academic Price


Product Overview

Academic Pricing Policy:
An academic price is awarded to degree-granting (Assoc., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) institutions and organizations that provide resources for student’s course work that are affiliated with the degree-granting institution. Institutions may be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility.

PDF-4/Axiom 2020 is designed for phase identification and quantitation. This cost effective database includes 92,600+ selected data entries and 63,500+ entries with atomic coordinates selected for benchtop users. PDF-4/Axiom features 65,400+ entries with I/Ic values for quantitative phase analysis by Reference Intensity Ratio.

PDF-4/Axiom is useful for routine phase identification and quantitation (both by Rietveld and RIR method). PDF-4/Axiom data is focused on ambient entries. 

ICDD's data mining software is now included!

ICDD's search-identification software is not included (available with PDF-4+). PDF-4/Axiom requires diffraction equipment manufacturer or vendor software. If you are using OEM/developer software that depends on PDF-4/Axiom, check that the OEM/developer applications function properly with the new database, and then uninstall the previous version of the PDF-4/Axiom.

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