About ICDD

23rd Aug 2019

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The International Centre for Diffraction Data® (ICDD®) is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to collecting, editing, publishing, and distributing powder diffraction data for the identification of crystalline materials. The membership of the ICDD consists of worldwide representation from academe, government, and industry.

Our Vision - The International Centre for Diffraction Data will continue to develop tools and support the education required
for materials analyses of tomorrow.

Our Mission - The International Centre for Diffraction Data will continue to be the world center for quality diffraction and related data to meet the needs of the technical community. ICDD promotes the application of materials characterization methods in science and technology by providing forums for the exchange of ideas and information.

Powder Diffraction - Review the ICDD's quarterly international journal which focuses on materials characterization employing X-ray powder diffraction techniques.

Please Note: Orders for ICDD product and services through the ICDD Web Store will be accepted only with payment by credit card. If you are unable to make payment with a credit card, please send your order to sales@icdd.com or fax it to 610.325.9823.